5 Reasons to Celebrate the Great Lakes Bay Region

Trying to narrow down the reasons to celebrate the Great Lakes Bay Region to a mere five seems like a herculean task. There’s just too much in the area to sing about. Here are five we believe represent the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the great things to love in the Great Lakes Bay Region.


Water. There’s a reason it’s called the Great Lakes Bay Region. The unique access to Saginaw Bay on Lake Huron not only harkens back to the area’s industrious beginnings, but it provides the perfect picturesque backdrop for fishing, sailing, boating or simply sightseeing.

The Arts

Arts and culture play a huge role in enhancing the lives of residents and guests. From the Midland Center for the Arts and the Saginaw Bay Symphony Orchestra to the myriad museums celebrating the region’s history—these attractions open the mind, feed the soul and free the spirit.


Home to Dow Chemical, Hemlock Semiconductor Corp. and Nexteer Automotive, businesses both large and small thrive in the Great Lakes Bay Region and drive the local economy. The thriving economic opportunities available help attract and retain a high level of talent to the area.


The seemingly ceaseless supply of outdoor recreational opportunities in the region help people connect with nature. From world-class golfing and miles of scenic trails to the botanical beauty of Dow Gardens and the parks and greenspace of local communities, the state’s unfiltered elegance is always on display.


It cannot be understated how much of an impact community plays in the region. Perhaps this was never highlighted more than with the recent flooding disaster in Midland County as friends, neighbors and complete strangers banded together in a unified and inspirational recovery effort.