• A Shivering and Shaking Adventure!

    Circa 1950s visitors to Bay County’s Wenona Beach amusement park (1887-1964) enjoy a rickety, thrilling ride on the wooden Jackrabbit roller coaster, built in 1914. The amusement park, located on the Saginaw Bay shoreline (foot of today’s Patterson Road, Bangor Township), once enticed largely regional crowds. There, visitors sought relaxation or entertainment, including the beach, […]

  • Drinking in History

    The Bancroft Wine & Martini Bar/Bancroft Coffee & Tea Café revisit and repurpose downtown Saginaw’s past  The Bancroft Wine & Martini Bar/Bancroft Coffee & Tea Café are bringing new life to a historic downtown Saginaw location. The Bancroft House, located on the corner of Washington Avenue and Genesee Street, was built in 1858 by Jesse […]

  • Pollinator-friendly Flowers

    Native wildflowers bloom all summer long in a native plant garden. Plants that historically evolved here, adapting to our climate and soils, are relatively easy to grow and maintain. Flowers advertise their nectar and pollen to pollinating insects with colorful petals or sepals, sweet scents, and different sizes and textures. Here are a few species […]

  • Great Lakes Bay Region tidbits, trivia, and conversation starters

    1776 The Fourth of July honors America’s Independence Day, when our nation declared independence from Great Britain in 1776.  The national holiday is marked with parades, barbecues, and, of course, fireworks. Get fired up for one of the largest fireworks displays not only in Michigan, but in the Midwest! The Bay City Fireworks Festival (Wenonah […]

  • Kitchen Wisdom

    Recipes, says family matriarch Dorothy Zehnder, are the secret to her cooking and baking success When Dorothy Zehnder published her first cookbook, Come Cook with Me, in 2011, she thought she was finished with the book publishing world. “For the first book, I picked out all the recipes that are personal to me,” says the […]

  • Great Lakes Bay Region tidbits, trivia, and conversation starters

    43 A recent study discovered that 43 percent of men aged 16 to 70 found a sundress to be the most attractive woman’s outfit (30 percent liked jeans and 24 percent preferred a formal dress). Shop for summery sundresses at upscale consignment shop Dressed to a Tea (1313 N Johnson St, Bay City, 989-992-4163). 85.5 […]

  • A World of Flavor

    Inspired by their collective cooking experience, three friends opened an eatery that specializes in Pan-Asian cuisine Bay City has made a name for itself over the past few years as a place to experience out-of-the-big-box dining. While chain restaurants reign supreme in other towns, Bay City has become a niche market for smaller, locally-owned restaurants. […]

  • Special Olympics Michigan State Summer Games, 1974

    Determined young athletes, clad in popular canvas athletic shoes, take off from the starting line in a race at the 1974 Special Olympics Michigan State Summer Games held at Central Michigan University (CMU), Mount Pleasant. Since its October 1972 founding, Special Olympics Michigan has been headquartered at CMU. In June 1973, in the first Special […]