• Greatest of The Great Lakes Bay 2015

    Dining Out Fine dining Table Midland First date Prost! Wine Bar & Charcuterie Frankenmuth Networking lunch Café Zinc Midland Anniversary dinner Old City Hall Bay City Breakfast Uptown Grill Bay City Appetizers Whine Midland Indulgent dessert The Gourmet Cupcake Shoppe Bay City, Midland, and Saginaw Township Draft beer selection Frankenmuth Brewery Frankenmuth Wine list Whine […]

  • Nurturing a Child Who Is Bullied

    Take steps to support your child to talk to you about bullying and make the choices to overcome it Fear, shame, hopelessness, and helplessness sometimes lead children to not speak of bullying that is occurring, and, often, the parent is the last to know. Whether you learn of the bullying through your child or hear […]

  • Different By Design

    Perry Hamilton and Nasir Roberts combine savvy business sense and creativity to customize technology Two seventh-grade students at Saginaw Arts & Sciences Academy received a grant to start a new business, TrendCredible personalized cellphone cases. In less than six minutes, Nasir Roberts and Perry Hamilton had $412 in start-up money to launch their new business. […]

  • Volunteering as a Family

    Quality time and community service combine for fun and feeling good “I’m bored!” “There’s nothing to do!” “I don’t have anything to play with!” “I already did that!” If this sounds familiar, and you’re constantly trying to find things for the kids to do on weekends and after school, there are options that can help […]

  • The Taste of Autumn

    From eating to art, rediscover one of Michigan’s favorite fruits this fall In recent years, when the word “apple” is mentioned, thoughts often turn to the technology giant making all sorts of nifty devices that so many of us have come to rely on. During autumn in Michigan, though, to me, apple means getting a […]

  • Cider House Rules

    Juice pressed from apples, made into a sweet or hard drink, is experiencing a renaissance Cider, both sweet and hard, has a long and colorful history, and it is closely tied to the specific apple varieties that make the best cider. Sweet cider is apple juice that has been squeezed from apples, without additives and […]

  • A Quasquicentennial (125th) Celebration at the Hoyt Library

    Near the second half of 1887, as the Hoyt Library is being constructed at South Jefferson and Janes avenues, East Saginaw (now Saginaw), stonemasons and carvers pose by the developing South Jefferson Avenue porch/entrance’s carved red sandstone arches and columns for this photo taken by the Goodridge Brothers of East Saginaw. Workers pictured wear mason-type […]

  • Forgotten Ciders

    The Ward family is turning apples into dollars with its new business The Ward family is jumping on the growing business trend of making hard cider. Forgotten Ciders (1068 W Midland-Gratiot County Line Rd, Wheeler) opened the doors of its hard cider mill in a little red barn in February. Each batch is made using […]