• Coastal Colors

    From Pointe aux Barques to Tawas, enjoy autumn’s dazzling beauty with a day trip along Huron’s shore and beyond Dynamic colors along Michigan’s tree-lined coastal and country roads feature rich and breathtaking beauty. Lake Huron’s shoreline offers a spectacular autumn panorama in vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow—the perfect backdrop to enjoy and explore […]

  • Lichens

    There are a lot of things to like about lichens—they are colorful, grow on a variety of substrates, and have interesting shapes! Wildlife that use lichens for food include white-tailed deer, flying squirrels, and snails. Ruby-throated hummingbirds and blue-gray gnatcatchers camouflage their nests with shield lichens while Northern parula warblers weave strands of beard lichens […]

  • Great Lakes Bay Region tidbits, trivia, and conversation starters

    35 Will you be among the estimated 50 million people who partake in the American pastime of tailgating? If so, you’ll begin celebrating approximately five hours before kickoff, and 35 percent of you (utterly devoted to the pre-game event) will never actually enter the stadium! Ready your grills and stock up your coolers at LaLonde’s Market […]

  • Witches of Bay City

    Normally a season for howling werewolves and wicked wizards, in recent decades Halloween has welcomed a coven of whimsical witches and goofy jack-o’-lantern folk to its ranks of misfit spooks. One local artist has added to the whimsy of Halloween. For over 25 years, Joe Spencer of Bay City has been bringing decorative dolls to […]

  • Greatest of The Great Lakes Bay 2015

    Dining Out Fine dining Table Midland First date Prost! Wine Bar & Charcuterie Frankenmuth Networking lunch Café Zinc Midland Anniversary dinner Old City Hall Bay City Breakfast Uptown Grill Bay City Appetizers Whine Midland Indulgent dessert The Gourmet Cupcake Shoppe Bay City, Midland, and Saginaw Township Draft beer selection Frankenmuth Brewery Frankenmuth Wine list Whine […]

  • Nurturing a Child Who Is Bullied

    Take steps to support your child to talk to you about bullying and make the choices to overcome it Fear, shame, hopelessness, and helplessness sometimes lead children to not speak of bullying that is occurring, and, often, the parent is the last to know. Whether you learn of the bullying through your child or hear […]

  • Different By Design

    Perry Hamilton and Nasir Roberts combine savvy business sense and creativity to customize technology Two seventh-grade students at Saginaw Arts & Sciences Academy received a grant to start a new business, TrendCredible personalized cellphone cases. In less than six minutes, Nasir Roberts and Perry Hamilton had $412 in start-up money to launch their new business. […]

  • Volunteering as a Family

    Quality time and community service combine for fun and feeling good “I’m bored!” “There’s nothing to do!” “I don’t have anything to play with!” “I already did that!” If this sounds familiar, and you’re constantly trying to find things for the kids to do on weekends and after school, there are options that can help […]