A New Year, and a New Great Lakes Bay Magazine

2019 was a year of growth for us. There may have been a few bumps along the way, but we’re excited about the lessons we’ve learned. We asked many of you for your opinions over the year on how we can make Great Lakes Bay Magazine even better, and we listened.

That’s why we have decided to merge our magazines to feature both lifestyle and business.

This region has so much to celebrate and we’re proud to share its story. We’re even more proud to have you by our side supporting us while we support the region that we love by sharing its good news. To help us do that, we invite you to contact us with your awards, ribbon cuttings, promotions and other business news. If you know someone doing big things in the community, let us know!

Our first issue of the new year is chock-full of content we think you’ll appreciate. From a look at Zehnder’s Snowfest to the journey of moral burnout, we’ve got you covered.

Finally, it’s no secret that the Great Lakes Bay Region is a hub of technology and advancement for both Michigan as well as the Midwest. So it’s no surprise that the area places such a high emphasis on science, technology, engineering and mathematics curriculum.

In the Great Lakes Bay Region, we are blessed with a wealth of business, education and community organizations and endeavors that help nurture interest in STEM fields, among them the Great Lakes Bay Regional STEM Initiative and the STEM Pipeline. Such efforts will not only help fill the talent pipeline of the future but will give the region’s students of today a solid foundation to build the success of tomorrow.

Enjoy this month’s issue!