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Print advertising offers more than just a pretty picture in a magazine or newspaper. Promotion of products and services works in print because readers invest in something they trust … and, holding a reputable, professional magazine in their hands helps to create that trust.

Credibility combines with a higher percentage of brand favorability and recognition to equal more action on the part of the reader. In fact, in comparison to television, billboard, and radio audiences, readers of print magazines are much more likely to do something about an advertisement they have seen in a magazine, from recommending a product or service to purchasing for themselves.

Plus, print ads in magazines have a much longer staying power than other types of advertising, with potential customers and clients re-visiting pages over long-term intervals, even passing on the magazine to other readers and consumers.

With all of the benefits of print advertisements, particularly for those in magazines, the choice is likely not whether or not to promote a business using the medium but rather when to get started.


  • Great Lakes Bay (Regional Lifestyle Magazine): 30,000
  • (Great Lakes Bay) Business: 40,000

Other facts about our readers

  • 57% are female
  • 86% own a home
  • 78% have graduated from college
  • 72% have a household income exceeding $100,000/year
  • 85% regularly attend restaurants
  • 61% are wine & craft beer enthusiasts
  • 54% are patrons of the arts


  • More than 2,000 copies of every issue are distributed to hotel rooms in the region
  • More than 45 regional newsstands, bookstores, and grocery & retail outlets carry Great Lakes Bay and Business
  • Great Lakes Bay is seen in more than 1,200 offices and waiting rooms in the region
  • Business is displayed in over 3,700 area business lobbies, including salons and real estate offices