Artisanne Chocolatier Anne Boulley

Photos by doug julian


Fall in love with Belgian Butter Truffles

Bay City’s Anne Boulley is a chocolatier and owner of Artisanne, featuring online chocolate classes, in-person classes and workshops. Find her on facebook @ArisanneChocolatier and you’ll see the magic she creates when she tries her hand at chocolate and lace, insomalt bowls, sugar garnishes and more. The result is always beautiful, edible art.

She’s no stranger to the readers of Great Lakes Bay Magazine and we thought she’d be a perfect fit for this month’s recipe.


Belgian Butter Truffles


2 sticks or 8 ounces of unsalted butter

4 tablespoons corn syrup or honey

16 ounces of dark chocolate (best quality you can find)

2 tablespoons brandy or liqueur (optional)

16 ounces dark chocolate (to coat)

1 cup cocoa powder (to coat)



Bring butter to room temperature, then cream with a mixer until until fluffy. Add corn syrup and beat a minute or two more.

Melt the first listed chocolate and let cool to 95 degrees and then combine with the butter on low until combined.

Add the brandy and mix for 15 seconds more, then set aside.

Let mixture sit for a few minutes then place in piping bag and pipe out onto parchment paper or aluminum foil truffles about a half-inch in diameter.

Let truffles set until firm (not in a refrigerator).

Melt the second listed chocolate and let cool to 90 degrees.

Using a fork, dip one truffle at a time into the chocolate and carefully remove it, tapping the excess off by rapping the fork gently against the side of the bowl.

Toss the truffle into cocoa powder and sift to remove them once they are all coated.

They can now be refrigerated for a couple weeks, but are best served at room temperature, so pull them out at least 1 hour before you’ll be serving them.