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Be Patient in Our Return to Normal

Publisher’s Note

As we stand on the cusp of summer, perhaps the most interesting question before us is how we are going to react to one another.

We are all still in the recovery period of a crisis — the magnitude of which none of us have borne witness to before in our lifetimes. The stay-at-home orders, social distancing recommendations and damage the coronavirus wreaked on the people whom we know and love are certain to have psychological and sociological ripples for a long time to come.

But we have to try to find normal, and we have to start that process somewhere.

This issue of Great Lakes Bay Magazine focuses on the process of getting back to business — what we have learned, what we can expect and what our “new normal” may be like for the foreseeable future.

Life-altering events have the tendency to transform; however, we have always had the fortitude to adapt. The human spirit has the instinctual drive to survive and carry on with life in the face of tremendous obstacles and setbacks.

Life grief, we are all going to deal with this in personal and private ways. It’s important to remember that we all heal and recover on different schedules.

We will all get there.