Cuckoo For German Clocks

By Rich Adams

How did you become involved in clocks?

I started at the clock company in 2014. Mike Nestell, who founded the company had found my resume and called me in for an interview. I always had a love for clocks since I was a child. I would always find and collect small pieces that I would find in different places. I learned the business from Mike.


What training have you completed to do your job?

All of the training I received on repairs has been learned in the store with the other repair staff. Learning from master clock repairers is, in my opinion, the best way to learn. I believe the best way of learning how to repair clocks is to apprentice with someone who has been doing it for many years.


What sets German clocks apart from other similar timepieces?

The Germans have always been known for clocks, especially cuckoo clocks. What sets German clocks apart from others is the craftsmanship. Authentic cuckoo clocks are only made in the Black Forest region of Germany. They are truly a work of art.


How did you become owner of Frankenmuth Clock Co.?

After a couple of years working for the company, I was out on a delivery with Mike, who owned the company for over 30 years. Mike asked me where I saw myself in five to 10 years from then. I told him that when he was ready to retire I hoped to be able to purchase the company. In January of 2018, Mike asked me to start the process of purchasing the business.

I had come in contact with my business partner, Dr. Bradford Bopp of Carmel, Indiana, through a repair service I performed for him. He had purchased a cuckoo clock while he was in Germany in 2017, and something was stopping the music from playing. The manufacturer asked me to help Brad with his clock. I worked with him over the phone to try and solve the problem, and then had him ship us the clock. I had the clock repaired in five minutes, and then sent him a video of the clock playing like it should. From then on, we started talking, and we met in person when he came to pick up his clock. It was here that we both realized that our dream was united – to own a clock and gift store. People say that this was divine intervention at its finest. Had Brad’s clock not have needed an adjustment, we would have most likely never met.