Dow: Crafting the Materials Science of Tomorrow

Dow Chemical Co. established its first manufacturing location, Michigan Operations, in Midland, Michigan, in 1897. Since then, it’s grown into a $50 billion company and become one of the world’s largest producers and innovators of materials science – creating solutions that harbor success for a global marketplace. The Midland location is now home to approximately 5,300 Dow employees statewide.

Dow lives for the opportunity to become the very best it can be in all that it does – reaching beyond its bottom line to focus on its people, its community and more. At its core its ambition is the desire to be the most innovative, customer-centric, inclusive and sustainable material science company in the world. With operations in 31 countries at 113 manufacturing sites, its global impact is bar none in both scale and impact.

Dow is known first and foremost as a materials science company – meaning it is responsible for the development of materials that fuel the manufacturing divisions of several industries such as coatings and performance monomers, packaging and specialty plastics, renewable and sustainable energy efficiencies, and construction chemicals for industrial solutions.

Adjacent to its original Midland site is the brand’s Dow Michigan Operations I-Park, which is home to an inclusive group of manufacturing, agriculture and chemical providers in Corteva, DuPont, Trinseo, SK America and Cabot. These organizations operate independently on Dow’s 2,600-acre land site from 30 production plants and over 800 on-site buildings. Each specializes on the production of a facet that will fuel global innovation.

In addition to being one of the world’s premier chemical and plastics manufacturers, the company is adamant about reducing its global footprint through the creation of sustainable materials and efforts. The company has joined with a plethora of other globally recognized brands to do its part in putting an end to plastic waste. Thus far, there have been commitments and participation across the value chain, with companies like P&G, Veolia, PepsiCo, and some from across the petrochemical landscape including Dow, BASF, Exxon, and also some of the world’s best packagers, such as Berry Global. Everyone agrees plastic waste does not belong in our ocean, rivers or anywhere in the environment. Companies, governments, NGOs and consumers all have an important role to play helping to end plastic waste in the environment.

In the years to come, Dow will continue to build upon its momentum as an organization of innovation and care, working diligently to provide resources and solutions to partners across the globe, without coming at a cost to future generations and the planet we call home.