FeBREWary in the Great Lakes Bay Region


It’s February. Looking for ways to pass the time during the last of the winter months? How about by celebrating FeBREWary and checking out breweries in the Great Lakes Bay Region to toast the approaching end of snow and cold?

Try the Copper Harbor Ale, a fan-favorite, or the Dublin Street Stout, perfect for the colder months, at Midland Brewing Company. Or head over to Mount Pleasant, and sample Mountain Town Brewing Company’s Mountain Town Barley Wine, Mountain Town Gambler’s Golden Ale, and Mountain Town Hobo’s Brown.

Tri-City Brewing Company in Bay City is another place to escape the chill of winter with locally crafted beers, many that are creatively named after places in and around Bay City: Hell’s Half Mile, Water Street Ale, Wenona Wit – Belgian Witbier, and Lake Huron ESB, each designed with different beer lovers in mind.

For over 150 years, Frankenmuth Brewery has been perfecting the art of brewing beer in the Great Lakes Bay Region. When you stop in, enjoy beers such as Bavarian Brunette Dunkel Weizen, Brick Haus Belgian IPA, Chicken Dancer Farmhouse Ale, and Dark Harbour Porter, just to name a few.

Whether you make it a date-night or gather up your friends, have fun and stay safe celebrating FeBREWary with the people you love.

Photo taken at Tri-City Brewing Company by Doug Julian.