Staff Blog

Finding Familiarity in Unfamiliar Times

This year the long-anticipated arrival of spring took an unexpected turn. The momentum of the new coronavirus caught everyone by surprise, moving with such a swiftness from something that was viewed with uncertainty—and even stoic skepticism in some corners— to a worldwide pandemic.

While winter is typically the time to batten the hatches and hibernate, we all found ourselves in uncharted territory when spring rolled around. We were urged to keep our distance, limit our interactions and reduce our activity out of doors.

Initially, this issue of Great Lakes Bay Magazine was intended to be a celebration of spring in the region; however, we were forced to change course slightly in the face of unfamiliar times. Because we are a monthly publication, we are not designed to supply the most up-to-date news of the unfolding situation around us. Yet we do want to provide our readers with some insight into how the Great Lakes Bay Region has dealt  with the new coronavirus—including some positive stories that showcase the best face of humanity during the pandemic.

We also understand that there may be a certain fatigue when it comes to the nonstop news cycle related to COVID-19. Our purpose with this magazine is not only inform but also entertain and enlighten. To that end, this issue will also attempt to begin the veer back into a sense of normalcy with articles unrelated to the coronavirus about the people and places around us that make our communities such a wonderful place to work, live and play.

Thank you for your continued readership.