Hiring Continues in Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic may have doused the overall economy with cold water, but that didn’t mean job searches had to stop. For those looking closely enough, some fields maintained consistent hiring practices during COVID-19.

Health care, construction, manufacturing, information technology and government were among the economic sectors that kept hiring through the pandemic or that saw hiring resume over time.

Samaritas, a nonprofit human services agency operating throughout lower Michigan, has hired around 140 people since mid-March, said Todd Hanselman, vice president of human resources. The need for professionals to support senior citizens, the disabled and foster children doesn’t ebb with an economic downtown.

“We’ve actually throughout this attracted people that we normally would not have, or who might not have even considered human services as a field,” Hanselman said. “It’s been really interesting; a unique opportunity for us and really encouraging to match up positions we have for people who are unfortunately out of work with all the restrictions.”

Chris Schloemann — who owns four Domino’s restaurants in Midland, Bay City and Clio — made more than two dozen permanent hires during the first few weeks of pandemic-related restrictions to replace some employees who weren’t comfortable with working during a quarantine and to help manage added sales spurred by social distancing rules.

“It’s all staff. It’s all crew members, drivers and customer service reps,” Schloemann said. “It’s not like we’re hiring just drivers or just customer service reps.”