Indoor Herb Gardens

Teaching Kids to Cultivate Throughout the Year

Want to help your kids learn more about gardening? Not sure they’re ready for the responsibility? An indoor herb garden could be a fun and easy way to see if your kids have the interest and patience to be a green thumb.

Developing an indoor herb garden is a low-risk way to learn to garden. Many of the plants normally found in an indoor herb garden need minimal attention and they live indoors, limiting variables like weather that are commonly associated with outdoor, seasonal gardens. In addition, indoor herbs are produced quickly and can be used in your daily cooking, making them instantly rewarding, accessible and useful.

To get started with indoor herb gardening, establish some commonly used herbs you use in your kitchen. Producing your own herbs is a great way to enhance the quality and flavor to many of your favorite dishes.

Common selections for in-home herb gardens that take little maintenance include mint, basil, catnip, chives, lavender and sage. These herbs are easy for kids to manage and each has nearly endless applications that could open the door to your children becoming interested in at-home remedies, cooking and more.