Mexican Traditions Make for Timeless Tastes

By Adam Lansdell


From Food Truck to Area Staple, T&T Authentic Mexican Cuisine is on the rise

The past several months have been a cause for celebration for Toyo Rosas, owner of Saginaw’s T&T Authentic Mexican Cuisine. In October 2018 he transformed his beloved food-truck business into a standalone location that’s serving up authentic Mexican dishes to the region.

A local favorite, T&T Authentic Mexican Cuisine is known by most throughout the state in its food-truck format. Over three years, the company grew from a single food truck to three trucks and a temporary winter locale before fulfilling the dream of opening a full-fledged brick-and-mortar location in the Great Lakes Bay region.

“It’s been three long years of hard work put into making this our dream restaurant. We started off small with our food truck, which turned into three food trucks. Things like the Food Network helped push us and others into popularity once they started hosting food-truck shows,” said Rosas. “We haven’t been on there yet, but it’s another dream of mine.”

And someday that dream may very well come to fruition, as the trucks continue to make their rounds to destinations far and wide. The trucks have made appearances at popular food and culture festivals beyond the region, extending the company’s eats to those in Grand Rapids and Detroit, to name a few choice destinations. But despite where their take on tacos, tamales, burritos and other staples may travel, what’s most important is where the restaurant originated.

For now, Rosas is focused on creating a welcoming destination that’s known for its amazing food and equally reputable customer service. Since opening at 1302 Court St., its reputation has grown further, with new faces joining longtime fans of the food truck to share a meal. Most are drawn to the taste and freshness of its offerings.

“We make pretty much everything fresh each day. If you know Mexican food, you know that when things sit, they tend to lose their flavor. A lot of other restaurants don’t get it,” explained Rosas, who knows better than most the importance of combining efficiency and flavor, two necessary traits to thrive in the food truck arena. These skills have been adapted for the restaurant and remain a key player in its success.

Rosas comes from a long line of proud, authentic Mexican chefs, who have shown him the ropes and subsequently enabled him to keep their family traditions alive. He has worked many hours with his mother, who helps with preparing food at the restaurant and opening each morning.

“Our recipes have been handed down from my grandmothers on both sides. My mother taught me, so it’s been handed down through generations,” Rosas said. “We take pride in our food and try to be as consistent as possible. My mom cooks pretty much the same way I do. Or, what I should say, I cook pretty much the same as my mom does. Since I was a child, I’ve been pretty much raised in the kitchen.”

Of all the authentic eats in his arsenal, Rosas and his fans agree that the wet burritos are bar none. T&T Authentic Mexican Cuisine goes a step above what you can expect from most other takes on this favorite dish.

“It’s really tender chuck roast that we prep for two hours to get very soft. Most Mexican restaurants serve the shredded beef burritos, but that’s kind of like the lazy way,” explained Rosas. “We cook it to perfection; you need to catch it just in time before it’s getting ready to serve to ensure that it’s tender. What so what you’re served is a chuck and gravy sauce that really melts in your mouth.”

Rosas’ lineup of mouth-watering, homegrown classics is making their mark in the Great Lakes Bay region. Rosas feels welcomed by the community and is excited about the opportunity to share his family’s traditions with others. T&T Authentic Mexican Cuisine also serves groups through its catering services: perfect for graduation parties, weddings, corporate events and more.

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