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Tools For Startups From the Owner of JourneyConvert


Nate Morse is a lifelong Michigander. Born in Howell, Morse moved to Midland, where he has lived the last 16 years.

Being a business owner was always in the plan, but for most of his childhood Morse also wanted to be the lead guitarist in a rock band, which explains the energy he exudes. Some, he burns off participating in Brazilian jiujitsu. In fact, Morse won a national competition in Las Vegas in 2019. He is also a voracious reader with an appetite for personal growth, having consumed over 30 books last year alone. The rest of the energy, he puts into his work connecting elements of business strategy and marketing in creative and date-driven ways.

Enter JourneyConvert, a business designed to help organizations optimize, rebuild or engineer new, high-converting campaigns so clients an meet growth goals faster through conversion marketing.

Morse has been in business four years but has been doing conversion marketing since he was 13 years old.

“I wanted to prove what I had figured out throughout the years and be able to control the culture in the process, as I believe that’s a huge component of the results that the client receives,” Morse said of starting the business.

JourneyConvert is more than just a business to Morse; it is his passion.

“My amazing team and I get to wake up every day and help businesses achieve their sales and revenue goals through conversion marketing,” said Morse, offering that there are three parts to the company’s process.

“We start by analyzing and segmenting email contacts and website visitors using adaptive, targeted website surveys and automation systems,” Morse said.

Next, the company gains leads by personalizing lead generation offers and unique calls to action for visitors by the segments they belong to, as well as by the actions taken on their websites.

Ultimately comes the “convert” part of the plan, which helps gain loyal customers for clients.

Great Lakes Bay Magazine asked Morse for tips for new businesses.


The Top 5 Online ‘Musts’ for Startups to Win in 2020

  1. Be where your shoppers are. There is no excuse to not be active on the platforms your shoppers use. Whether that’s Google, YouTube or Facebook. Relationships create sales. Use these platforms to deliver transformative content to bring more shoppers to your website and earn more business.
  2. Create transformative content. The new-age shopper wants to help to become a better shopper. Be the one with the best content out there, and become the go-to choice when they are ready to buy.
  3. Get more sales opportunity from your web traffic. If you look at most of your competitors’ websites, chances are that the majority of their leads and sales come when the shopper has narrowed down to a specific item and reaches out to the business about it or places an order. But what if the shopper hasn’t narrowed down the options? They usually leave your site without ever connecting with you. In contrast, if that same potential customer entered your physical location, someone would take down their information and nurture the relationship to the point of sale. If you want to make more sales in 2020, take inventory of the challenges and pain points your customers face to narrow their options down and offer solutions on your website to those challenges.
  4. Find you customers’ “aha” moments. Take a list of your top customers. Sit down with them. Ask when they really felt the value of your product/service. Write down the words they use; they are the golden nuggets you need to compel more of the right customers to work with you.
  5. Track your customer behavior. Businesses exist because of customers. The more you know about them, the better you can solve their problems. These days there are probably more shoppers visiting your website than are walking into your physical location. Tracking shoppers’ behaviors can help you better achieve their wants and needs. A powerful tool like Google Analytics is free and can give you lots of insight into active shoppers on your website.

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