ONe Eighteen brings a unique experience

By adam lansdell

Photos by doug julian


A new dining opportunity that will put you in your element

A new restaurant has emerged within Midland’s The H Hotel and it’s likely to become one you’ll frequent more than periodically. ONe eighteen is an exciting destination for longtime residents and visitors to the region as it brings something new but doesn’t hesitate to honor regional traditions. The mid-century American tavern has been in the planning stages since mid-2018 and recently opened its doors to the public.

“We wanted to create a restaurant that had a connection with Midland.” said Derek Grimaldi, general manager of The H Hotel. “Today more than ever, consumers are looking for authentic experiences that are reflective of the towns they grew up in and celebrate the cities that they visit.”

You may have noticed the unique spelling of the restaurant: ONe eighteen. This is no typo, but rather a way to further connect the eatery and bar to its homestead at The H Hotel. The H Hotel is heavily themed after the symbol for hydrogen, the first element on the periodic table.

“In naming the restaurant ONe eighteen, our goal was to build off the branding of the hotel in a not-so-obvious way, while having a story to tell about its origin,” explained Grimaldi. “The 118 represents the current number of elements on the periodic table.”

As a hub for visitors of the region, The H Hotel set out to create an environment that was memorable as a first impression. It is a landing spot for many when they first visit Midland. For those within the region, the new concept has proven to be intriguing.

“At The H, we are fortunate to host visitors from not only within the state and across the nation but also from dozens of countries around the world,” said Grimaldi. “Our hope is that the natural curiosity that travelers bring to the region will lead them to explore ONe eighteen along with the many other great amenities and attractions the area has to offer.”

ONe eighteen is designed to be a captivating new concept for the community as well, and its menu boasts an impressive array of options that resonate with any diet. The team behind its development worked diligently to create a space that unites the community for incredible eats. With a selection of large snack and shareables section, ONe eighteen is an ideal destination for group and family dining.

“Our team has worked hard to create an environment that is warm and inviting that will evoke a sense of civic pride for the community,” said Grimaldi. “ We think guests will really appreciate the design of the restaurant, the focus on food quality and our commitment to friendly and genuine service. We want ONe eighteen to be a place where people can enjoy good company and great food.”

ONe eighteen has been long in the making, and its launch is something Grimadi hopes is celebrated by the community in which the restaurant aims to support.

“Anytime you have the opportunity to be involved with the development of a project that has benefit and meaning to a community, you can’t help but feel a sense of purpose and responsibility in what you are doing,” said Grimaldi. “Our journey over the last 18 months has been rewarding, inspiring, fun and, most importantly, a great learning experience. From our perspective there seems to be a great deal of excitement in the city about this project, and our entire team is very proud of what we have accomplished.”

In the spring, ONe eighteen will transform to the perfect outdoor dining spot, thanks to a newly renovated courtyard that’s been outfitted with new fire pits, gathering areas and event spaces.