Positioned for Growth

Advancing science and innovation in response to the world’s most pressing challenges

Dow has been a company of innovation and transformation for more than 120 years. Through its history, Dow has reinvented itself time and time again, striving to create value through a diversified, market-driven portfolio:



  • The golden age of inorganics (1897 – 1920)
  • A shift to organic chemistry (1921 – 1940)
  • The war years and the rise of plastics and petrochemicals (1941 – 1959)
  • Going global and the first era of commercialization (1960 – 1977)
  • Market-facing products and diversification (1978 – 2003)
  • Innovation at the intersections (2004 – Present)


Pictured above is the first Dow plant, from 1898. Today, the new Industrial Operations Park, administered by Dow and at 2,600 acres, includes five additional companies: DuPont, Corteva Agriscience, Cabot Corporation, SK Saran Americas and Trinseo. Together, these organizations focus on innovation, collaboration and growth, as manufacturing expands both in the region and globally.