Prepare for Policy Change

On July 2, 2020, Michigan’s no-fault insurance law will be reformed to allow drivers to be more selective about the level of coverage they possess.

According to Anita Fox, director of the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services, “Michigan’s new auto insurance law will give drivers the ability to choose a personal injury protection coverage level appropriate for their needs and budget, and requires insurance companies to reduce statewide average PIP medical premiums.”

So, what should drivers do when scoping out their new coverage opportunities?

“The best way for you to make the right decisions for your family or business is to have a conversation with an insurance agent who understands the law and your individual situation,” said Mark Pinkerton, vice president of Frankenmuth Insurance.

“I recommend that (consumers) contact their health care provider periodically to know exactly what is covered in the event of an auto accident and what isn’t, as many health care plans do not cover anything auto related,” said Kristi Suppes, personal lines and operations manager for Preferred First Insurance.