Promoted Employees Contribute to Company Success


In 1979, Frank York and his wife, Alice, attend the Tri-City Business Expo to sell the value of York Electric’s (now York Repair, Inc.) Bay City-based repair services to representatives from larger companies such as Bay City Chevy, Consumers Energy, and The Dow Chemical Company.

In 1971, when he was 28 years old, Frank York, a master electrician, founded his small motor repair business, first operating out of his Bay City garage with support from his wife, the late Alice (Archangeli) York. Since then, the York family business has grown dramatically in size and services offered. York Repair now occupies approximately 80,000 square feet at 611 Andre Street, Bay City, and recently purchased an outpost company, Lansing Electric Motors. The company’s second employee, Steve Jezowski, who was hired in1976, still remains part of its 65-member team.

Frank York’s son, Jade York, head of marketing and customer service, explains that promoting employees from within has contributed to York Repair’s success: “We have been very successful at finding young people, providing training and on-the-job experience, and watching them move up in the organization. We have ongoing training for all employees from financial (Great Game of Business) to personal empowerment (Dale Carnegie, 7 Habits) as well as job-specific training.”

The early business operations transitioned from Frank York’s garage to a small space on Linn Street, Bay City, to an old mattress factory on Grant Street, Bay City, and finally, in 1978, to the current Andre Street facility. The business name was changed to York Repair, Inc. in 2006, and the company now has seven divisions: electric motor repair, industrial repair, electronics repair, servo motor repair, the Repair Zone website (, field services, and Lansing Electric Motors. Photo courtesy of York Repair, Bay City,•