Quality is Key with Bay City’s New Business, Therapeutic Health Choice

By Amanda Fischer


Bringing the industry to a professional standard

The marijuana industry is rapidly growing throughout the state and country, and one of Bay City’s newest businesses, Therapeutic Health Choice, is working to keep consumers safe while positively impacting the community.

As one of just a handful of safety compliance laboratories licensed in the state of Michigan, Therapeutic Health Choice will run quality assurance tests on medical marijuana and marijuana-based products on a state wide basis to ensure they are safe for consumption. THC plans to move into the recreational sector at a later date. “Testing involves the use of very sophisticated equipment to test grower, processors and manufacturer products to assure compliance with the state requirements. The state has set specific standards for potency , heavy metals, residual solvents and mold, to list a few. Each test upon completion is entered into the state wide system before it can be sold to the Public.”

Therapeutic Health Choice owners Norm and Christine Van Wormer said they are like the police of the industry and, along with the state, work to bring the industry to a high quality and safety compliance standard.

Even though the industry is emerging, the safety and compliance segment has banded together to become partners to support each other in quality and compliance. As such THChoice will be working with other labs in the area to confirm our results and support our findings.This collaboration yields continuity of testing and furthers public safety.

The Van Wormers said they entered the marijuana industry for a variety of reasons.

“It was a great opportunity,” said Christine Van Wormer. “It’s a brand-new business, a new endeavor and a good business for women’s growth and business development. We have a big impact here.”

The Van Wormers also said Therapeutic Health Choice will help bolster the Bay City community.

Located at 903 Euclid Ave., Therapeutic Health Choice occupies a building that sat vacant for nearly five years. The Van Wormers said they renovated a long-damaged building to turn it into a business that will house between 12 and 20 employees.

The Van Wormers said in addition to the health benefits marijuana and marijuana-based products can potentially provide to individuals, Therapeutic Health Choice will bring good-paying jobs, future economic development opportunities and a new industry to the region.

“My husband’s family has been in business in the Bay City/Pinconning area for years, so it’s great to be able to stay in the area and continue doing good for the community,” said Christine Van Wormer.

Therapeutic Health Choice is on the brink of opening and excited to embrace the future. For more information on Therapeutic Health Choice, visit