Ruby Award Recipients

Annual Recognition Spotlights up-and-coming Gems in the Great Lakes Bay Region

Rich Adams


This year, the 15th annual Ruby Awards, sponsored by Great Lakes Bay Magazine and WNEM-TV, recognize 10 of the Great Lakes Bay Region’s exceptional professionals under the age of 40 who have demonstrated excellence in their areas of expertise. The RUBY Awards – which stands for Recognizing the Upward, Bright and Young – are presented by 1st State Bank.



Associate Professor, Saginaw Valley State University Department of Health Science


What is your reaction to receiving a RUBY award?

I was very honored to have been nominated for the RUBY Award; actually receiving it is very exciting. I am in the company of professionals doing amazing things in our community.


To what do you attribute your success?

A strong passion to help people and the community, hard work and the strong team I am a part of, both at work and at home.


What are your next major goals?

Continue working with local community organizations to improve the health of those living in the Great Lakes Bay Region. Our current focus is on improving maternal and child health outcomes.




Executive Director of the Dow Great Lakes Invitational LPGA Tournament and Communications and Sports Solutions Manager at Dow Corp.


What is your reaction to receiving a RUBY Award?

I’m honored and thankful to 1st State Bank and the selection committee to be considered among the many great leaders and community advocates in the region and appreciative that so many people are working hard every day to make the GLBR a great place to live, work and play.


To What do you attribute your success?

I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by family and friends my entire life who have shaped me into who I am today. The example and parenting from my mom, specifically, has been instrumental in guiding my education and values. I’m also blessed with the most amazing, loving and supportive wife and two children who I’m lucky to get to do life with.


What are you next major goals?

My focus is to make a bigger impact in our community and at work through opportunities to collaborate across the many projects I work on to impact more people, give more back and provide opportunities for everyone to succeed.



Associate Professor, Saginaw Valley State University Department of Chemistry


What Is your reaction to receiving a RUBY Award?

I am very pleased to hear that I was selected to be one of the recipients of the 2020 RUBY Award. I am honored to have been nominated by SVSU and am proud to represent our institution. I am appreciative to 1st State Bank for creating this award to recognize young professionals in our region.


To what do you attribute your success?

I attribute my success to my fantastic mentors and colleagues. I had supportive graduate and post-doctoral supervisors who encouraged me to pursue a career in academia and provided me with opportunities to publish in scientific journals. Since joining the faculty at SVSU, I have been fortunate to work with friendly and encouraging colleagues and administrators. I also owe a good deal of my success to SVSU’s commitment to funding undergraduate research and supporting quality student-centered teaching.


What are your next major goals?

My next major goals are to continue to provide undergraduate students with opportunities to conduct independent research and to present their results at national conferences. I also intend to submit a paper detailing the results of our recent experiments for publication.



Owner, Clements electric inc.


What is your reaction to receiving a RUBY award?

I was honored just to be nominated for the RUBY Award. Winning the award is a very gratifying feeling.


To what do you attribute your success?

My upbringing. I learned at an early age that with drive and focus I could accomplish any goals I set for myself.


What are your next major goals?

My plans for the future include becoming much more involved in the Great Lakes Bay Region on a personal level. I would like to see the region continue to grow and attract more businesses and residents. I truly believe we can be the best region in the state of Michigan.



Otology, Neurotology and skull base surgery at Baker Ent Associates; Adjust Faculty, Center Michigan University Medical School and Audiology Department


What Is your reaction to Receiving a RUBY Award

It is such an honor to receive this award shortly after the return to practice in my hometown as I work hard to improve people’s quality of life in the community I grew up in that are more like family and friends than patients.


To what do you attribute you success?

I have a wonderful and necessary support system in my faith, my husband and my family, and would not have gotten this far in my career, as well as having three small children, without them. As a physician, I believe my strength is my ability to relate to and communicate well with my patients.


What are your next major goals?

I look forward to further educating the community about hearing loss and ear disease, and to rid the stigma associated with wearing assistive hearing devices. We are also continuing to grow the Cochlear Implant Center and develop programs to care for our littlest pediatric patients with hearing loss.



Core Engineering Manager and Global Reps Architect for Nexteer Automotive


What is your reaction to receiving a RUBY Award?

I was honored to receive this award due to the continued success of past recipients. This is a great group to be considered among. It is humbling that I was nominated and chosen out of so many possible candidates around the area.


To what do you attribute your success?

My work ethic and drive for self-improvement are what have always set me apart from others. Even with both of these, I would not truly stand out if I did not have great mentors helping coach and promote me over the years.


What are your next major goals?

I want to pay forward what has been done for me by helping others coming after me to achieve the level of success they personally strive for.



Personal Finance Coach, Girl! What’s in your P.U.R.S.E?


What is your reaction to receiving a RUBY award?

My reaction to receiving the RUBY Award was thank you, Lord for providing confirmation that what I do matters.


To what do you attribute your success?

My faith. It keeps me secure during moments of insecurity. My children. They are my motivation and for everything that I do. My mother. She is my biggest fan; I just want to make her proud. Anthony. He has unselfishly been a super dad for our children as I build Girl! What’s In Your P.U.R.S.E?  My members. They push and inspire me daily. When they succeed, I succeed, and it fuels me every day. Lastly, showing up, being consistent and relatable. My members know I’m going to consistently show-up with my best resources to help them complete their financial goals.


What are your next major goals?

One major goal for 2020 is developing the digital Purse app. The app will help women create, track and complete financial goals unique to their household, in a centralized location.



Owner, dermatology associates of midland


What is your reaction to receiving a RUBY award?

I am honored to be receiving the RUBY Award and humbled to be selected among so many accomplished young professionals.


To What do you attribute your success?

The road to becoming a doctor and a business owner is a long one that requires years of persistence, sacrifice, dedication and drive and the journey is nearly impossible without a wide net of support. I have to thank my family, friends, and many career mentors and colleagues who have provided me with endless support and encouragement to reach my full potential.


What are your next major goals?

One of my goals is to be able to expand the practice by adding another dermatologist so that we will be able to reach even more patients and provide care to those who need it most. My goals have always been to serve our community to the best of my ability and give back to the area where I grew up.



Creative Director, Chevron creative/Sushi remix/ mclaren


What is your reaction to receiving a RUBY award?

As a young art director fresh out of college, it was my role at Great Lakes Bay Magazine to schedule the photo shoots of the RUBY Award winners each year. I remember being in complete awe of these accomplished and impressive professionals. When I was told that I was a recipient this year, it truly meant the world to me.


To what do you attribute your success?

My career took a completely different direction when I decided to start saying yes whenever I wanted to say no out of fear of failure. I also had a number of mentors who have looked out for me through the years. When you surround yourself with inspiring people, you start to do inspiring things.


What are your next major goals?

I would love to start pursuing my MBA in the next year. Plans to expand Sushi Remix to a Midland location are on the horizon. I also would love to continue to grow my marketing skills while working for McLaren.



President and CEO, Can Council Great Lakes Bay Region


What is your reaction to receiving a RUBY award?

I’m incredibly grateful to have my life’s work dedicated to serving in our nonprofit industry validated and honored among the accomplishments of such talented professionals.


To what do you attribute your success?

There have been people in my life who’ve built me up over the years and given me their shoulders to stand on, lean on and even cry on. Their encouragement, guidance and unwavering faith in me has made me who I am today. These folks are God’s greatest blessings in my life, and I’ll be forever grateful for all they’ve done and continue to do for me.


What are your next major goals?

As I work to advance the efforts of our CAN Council Great Lakes Bay Region, my greatest hope is that along the way I am able to inspire each member of our community to join me to the greatest capacity they’re able to serve in the fight against child abuse and neglect. Along the way, I’ll watch for opportunities to offer my shoulders to those around me as so many have done for me.