Spreading the Wub

By Mary Gajda Photo By Doug Julian
Skating line opens location in Saginaw
Saginaw resident Jerry Wilson was always curious about business growing up. He wondered what went on behind the scenes. He knew he had the mentality to work for himself and create something special.
He did just that.
Wub Wheel Co. has been in business since 2012 with products sold online and in 30-plus skate shops worldwide. The brick-and-mortar location opened Nov. 1 in Old Town Saginaw. The business is unique that it has a few extensions of its brand.
“On one side we have our brand, Wub, which consists of our original designs in both apparel and skateboard wheels sold at our physical location as well online,” said Wilson. ”Then we have a ‘Simply Saginaw’ collection under Wub, which focuses on creating clothing that is inspired by our area.”
The Simply Saginaw line is inclusive to not just skateboarders but to everyone in the area because it represents the community.
“Then we have our skateshop side, which we were formerly ‘Pop’s Skateshop’ after closing that last year,” Wilson said. “We worked from home, so upon the new location and being in great proximity to the skatepark, I wanted to carry a part of that over for the locals and to pay homage to our roots. So, we offer anything and everything for a skateboard.”
Wub Wheel Co. does not carry shoes or other brands of clothing.
“We want all of our apparel to represent us and to be created locally,” Wilson explained.  “Lastly, we have our custom-embroidery side where we do custom contracted orders for a number of clients big and small, local and worldwide.”
Wilson designs the merchandise and contracts designers to help him bring his creative ideas to life. He also has a mission to give skateboarders across the world the best ride and enhance the skateboarding experience. The best part is, it’s all in good fun.
“The wheel market is a very competitive space, with two major skateboard wheel companies,” said Wilson. “There are several small ones that are competing for a leftover space. We just do it for fun, honestly, and to support our team riders.”
Wilson also takes pride in giving back to the community.
“We are always doing something to give back,” he said. “One thing we do is for every beanie sold we donate one locally. When we do little mess ups, we put them out front of our store in hope they end up to someone in need or to brighten someone’s day.”
The business enjoys supporting artists, events and organizations, both locally and beyond.
“We do all of this as a very small business with the hope to be able to make real change as we grow,” Wilson said. “It will always be important to my brand and myself. My mother was a nurse and raised me that way. My personal wants are very small, so watching people struggle with actual needs living in Saginaw my whole life has inspired me to find solutions or ways I can help.”
Pride and passion for lifting his community up shows. Wilson wants to be part of the solution.
“I think the main thing our area needs is a stronger community, so we are just going to keep creating products and events that can bring us together slowly,” he said. “We hope to create products for nearby charities or organizations soon that benefit the causes they fight for. We will continue to work to create something good and loved in our community. That’s what #SpreadingTheWub is all about. Wub is just short for love, all of our products are made with Wub.”