Spring is in the Air

The month of March, according to the old adage, comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. It is a month of reawakening, as winter loosens its icy grip on Michigan, resulting in the arrival of the first crocuses and daffodils of spring, often emerging beneath a layer of late-season snow.

March is the first month we consider spring, and on March 10 remember to spring forward to daylight saving time. Move your clocks an hour ahead so you can enjoy the changing – and hopefully warmer – weather.

In this edition of Great Lakes Bay Magazine, we delve into all things home and garden. This is, after all, the time of year we start spring cleaning, home-improvement projects and getting our garden beds ready for the blossoms or vegetables we will plant there.

The season’s arrival also brings with it mint, which is a spring delight. Mint leaves can be used to aid in indigestion or provide relief from the common cold. (Page 36)

There’s a library in Sanford that doesn’t carry books. Instead it is a repository of seeds that the owners of Small House Farm save to maintain historical connections to the land. (Page 24)

The Great Lakes Bay region is filled with historic homes and buildings, and we visit one that began life as perhaps the most eccentric post office in the state. (Page 28)

Springtime is also a great time to make a fresh start in a new house or apartment. Readers will find tips on how to prepare for a move, so you aren’t wasting time that you could be spending installing a new garden bed. (Page 14)

Perhaps that bed involves viburnum shrubs, which will not only give your house curb appeal, they also will attract birds with their abundant fruits. (Page 12)

And if you are thinking of buying a house or renting an apartment in the Great Lakes Bay region, there are two counties where it makes more sense – and you can save more cents – to purchase. (Page 18)

I hope you relish the spring weather that will – eventually – come to our area. I also hope you enjoy this month’s springtime edition of Great Lakes Bay Magazine.