Staying Busy on Break

By Adam Lansdell

Winter boredom is no joke, especially for children and young adults home from school with nothing to do and nowhere to go, thanks to the inevitable takeover of the tundra. But while it may be too cold to take on all your regular outdoor activities, there are plenty of things to do to stay active and engaged. Here are a few unique activities to give a shot this winter.

SNOWBOARDING/SKIING: Dangerous at times, yet exhilarating, this seasonal activity is great for recreational enthusiasts. If your kids were the type to never be seen without a skateboard, bike or some other way of going top speed, they will likely be quick to adopt these winter sports.

SNOWSHOEING: Still hellbent on the great outdoors? If extreme winter sports like snowboarding, skiing and snowmobiling aren’t your speed and you want to take things slower, this unique and leisurely activity could be for you.

INDOOR ATTRACTIONS: If your children are bookworms or seeking something mentally stimulating, the winter can be a perfect time to explore indoor attractions such as museums, science centers and aquariums. Here they may discover new interests that translate and connect with themes explored in their current educational journey.