Suppress Your Stress

Overcoming Stress and Overall Health

During uncertain moments and situations, we tend to put our body through stress affecting our mental, physical and emotional health in more ways than one. Stress makes us believe that everything has to happen right now in that moment. So how do we become an OVERCOMER and find OUR STRENGTH in these types of moments?



When we are heavily active, our bodies release endorphins that helps boost our “feeling good” hormone and reduces any physical pain. When our endorphins are high, it helps reduce our stress and anxiety, boosts our self-esteem and gives us that overall sense of well-being.


Good Nutrition

When we make healthy choices, we feel better. Don’t put stress on yourself thinking big changes have to happen in a short period of time. Focus on small changes within your daily diet regimen; Whether it may be increasing your water intake, adding one cup of vegetables to every dinner or practicing portion control. Small changes can add up to big changes, which can reduce your stress and get you closer to your nutrition goals.



Breathe in and breathe out, outside. With spring weather finally here, taking walks, runs, bike rides and just getting outside at least 15 minutes a day can reduce your stress and anxiety. When the sun is shining, it synthesizes vitamin D in our body, a necessary vitamin to keep us functioning healthy mentally, as research shows it reduces depression and stress.



We’ve all had those restless nights where we did not get that deep sleep, which can make us unproductive the following day as our body physically is tired. So how do we strive for those seven hours of uninterrupted sleep? Put the technology away 30 minutes before you go to bed. Put your phone across the room instead of in reaching distance. Turn the TV off and keep your room dark, quiet and peaceful. Meditation is a great way to clear your head space and calm your thoughts with the goal of letting go of your stress and anxiety of the day.



There’s nothing worse than having a stressful day at work and fellow co-workers adding to that stress. Surround yourself with positivity, speak it and believe in it. Find yourself with like-minded individuals who push you when you need the push, and who provide you an atmosphere that helps you become successful and reduce that stress.

Stress will always be something that we as human beings will go through, but how we OVERCOME that stress is up to us. Stress can overtake us mentally, physically and emotionally; what we do is not let it. Take one day at a time, suppress your stress and discover a healthier YOU!