Tech Toys for Tots

Tools foster a healthy, creative relationship with technology


Kids are surrounded by technology these days, thanks to mobile devices, video game platforms and more. However, these devices don’t necessarily foster growth and creativity – defining attributes that could lead children into a future career role within the expansive industry of technology. Below we’re providing a few alternative toys that will spark their interests in new ways.


Tech Will Save Us Synth Kit


The company Tech Will Save Us provides kits that allow children to better understand technology by building it themselves. For the musically inclined, it has developed a build-your-own synthesizer kit to demonstrate how sounds and frequency are electronically manipulated.


Kano Computer Kit


The Kano Computer Kit, developed by Kano – a leading educator in coding for youth – allows kids to create their own personal, functional computer utilizing a Raspberry Pi single-board computer.


3doodler Pen


3doodler has crafted a simple-to-use 3D printing pen that mimics the technology within commercial 3D printers. Utilizing a plastic-like compound, kids can sculpt their own 3D creations with the push of a button.