The Summer Slide is Real

Don’t Let Your Kids’ Hard-Earned Knowledge Drift Away

By Adam Lansdell


Lose focus on just about anything for too long and you’ll find yourself forgetting the finer details. Whether it be a hobby, sport, job, school or otherwise, when we give ourselves extra time to breathe the results can be the opposite. Instead of a fresh perspective, you’re left with an empty take.

When children depart from their daily routine of attending classes for that cherished summer break period, they’re threatened by the Summer Slide. During the summer, kids can relax and take their minds off the pressures of schooling and socialization. But it’s important that they don’t fully let their grasp slip from that routine, the things they’ve learned or their enthusiasm to obtain more knowledge.

Parents need to keep their kids engaged to some degree in the summer to prevent progress from slipping away. Summer courses, camps, retreats, clubs and other learning-centric experiences are a great way to keep children engaged and also give them something to do.

These activities don’t necessarily even need to be directly related to an area of study. Instead, why not mix it up by engaging your student with opportunities to explore topics of interest that aren’t provided by your school or enable them to take on a new hobby? No matter how you dice it, a little bit of structure to the off-season will go a long way toward helping ensure your student picks up where he or she left off when the school year resumes.