The Taste of Autumn

From eating to art, rediscover one of Michigan’s favorite fruits this fall

In recent years, when the word “apple” is mentioned, thoughts often turn to the technology giant making all sorts of nifty devices that so many of us have come to rely on. During autumn in Michigan, though, to me, apple means getting a chance to connect to the fruits of nature by making apple cider with my family, eating the raw fruit picked right from the tree, or making fresh, delicious apples into applesauce! It’s been said if you’re not hungry enough for an apple, then you’re not hungry. There are so many ways to enjoy this bountiful Michigan fruit that it’s worth your time to pick up a peck (or a bushel!) and start experimenting. 

If you don’t have apple trees growing in your yard, you’re in luck because Michigan is the third largest apple producing state in the nation. There are also plenty of opportunities to sample a variety of unique apples grown in orchards right here in the Great Lakes Bay Region. Get the whole family involved, exciting young taste buds by sampling the many sweet and tart varieties available at local farmers markets and orchards. While a garden fresh tomato is the taste of summer, biting into a hand-picked apple is the definitive flavor of autumn.

Just for Kids

If you’re tired of carving pumpkins, try your hand at apple carving! With an adult, follow these steps to make a unique apple creation all your own.

Peel a firm apple.

Dip the peeled apple into lemon juice (to keep it from turning brown while you work).

Carve eyes, a nose, ears, and a mouth into the fruit.

Hang the carved apple in a warm, dry, draft-free place until the face is dried and shriveled (about 1 month).

Watch the apple shrink, taking on a unique character as it dries!