Things to Do!

By Adam Lansdell

A Simple Way to Declutter Your Home

Like our animal friends, we prefer open space to live our best lives. Decluttering your home is simply filtering out the worst of what you own to ensure what you’re left with is the best of the best. Grab two large trash bags and start filling them. Work through each room of your home and separate items into two categories: waste and give/sell. The waste bag is for scraps of paper, overworn clothing, knickknacks and anything else that doesn’t hold value. The second bag is for items you’d be willing to pass on either at a garage sale, consignment shop, or as a gift to a friend or family member


DIY: Moving Pictures on Display

Spruce up things by using an old TV to match your decor by encasing it in an oversized photo/painting frame. Move it from the living room to a wall in another room where you wished you had a TV to act as a digital, scrolling photo frame. You can likely find a large enough frame at your favorite vintage store or an estate sale. We recommend seeking out one that is thicker in case you need to modify it to fit your particular TV.