Throwing that Summer Shade

A guide to Finding the Right Sunglasses

Sunglasses can say a lot about you. With the right sunglasses, you can be cool and fashionable, mysterious, retro or all business.

What designs are trending for 2020? You’re probably noticing a lot of thick, oversized frames and retro throwbacks. You may be surprised to learn that minimalist sunglasses are also trending for 2020. And of course, aviators are always in fashion. It’s hard to know the right way to go when you have so many shapes and styles you could choose.

Here is a guide to get you started on picking the frames that will best complement your face:

  • Do you have a strong jawline or cheekbones and a wide forehead? Experts say your best look is a softer pair of specs to soften your features. These could include aviator or shield designs.
  • An oval-shaped face is longer than it is wide, and that means you can easily pull off square or round frames. You’ll want to avoid oversized sunglasses.
  • A round face begs for rectangular and angular frames like Wayfarer or cat-eye styles. Your round face means you’re lucky and can look fabulous in the trendy oversized looks, too.
  • And for people with those sweet, heart-shaped faces, you will want frames that have more width on top like cat-eye frames, Wayfarers or sport glasses.
  • Don’t forget the most important thing about buying sunglasses: The key to any fashion accessory is wearing them with confidence. Bring on the sun.