A World of Flavor

Inspired by their collective cooking experience, three friends opened an eatery that specializes in Pan-Asian cuisine.

Bay City has made a name for itself over the past few years as a place to experience out-of-the-big-box dining. While chain restaurants reign supreme in other towns, Bay City has become a niche market for smaller, locally-owned restaurants. Until recently, however, there was one style of cuisine noticeably lacking: Pan-Asian fare.

Friends and long-time restaurant workers James Ung, Lee Wee Pong, and Lee Seng Peck, decided to change that, and opened Blossoms Asian Bistro.

“We’d noticed that even though Bay City [has] a number of Chinese buffets, there [has] never been any place that specialized in Japanese [cooking] or other styles of Asian cuisine,” says Ung. “So, we decided to take all of our experience in Asian cooking and open Blossoms Asian Bistro. The restaurant brings Japanese, Korean, and Malaysian cooking to the area, and we even play on other international influences, such as [incorporating] Indian or Mexican flavors [into our dishes]. We’ve found that people have been extremely receptive to our Pan-Asian fare. Dishes such as our Malaysian Fried Noodles and new Asian Tacos [are] some of our bestsellers.”


Blossoms Asian Bistro’s menu features standard Asian dishes, such as Japanese Hibachi Steak and Shrimp, and Chinese restaurant favorites such as Sweet and Sour Chicken. There is also an increasingly varied selection of sushi, noodle dishes, and unique entrées. The restaurant’s Coconut Shrimp Asian Tacos, for example, are made with coconut shrimp, topped with mango salsa and a drizzle of sweet chili ranch dressing. The restaurant has daily specials, too, such as its Jalapeño Popper Roll, a deep-fried sushi roll filled with shrimp tempura, jalapeño peppers, crabmeat cheese, and eel sauce.


“We wanted to create a restaurant that felt modern and chic, while still being comfortable enough that everyone feels welcome,” says Ung. Typical lunch combos at the bistro run from $8 – $10, while dinner entrées are $10 – $15. We want to be your everyday Asian restaurant, and not be the kind of place reserved only for special occasions.”

Blossoms Asian Bistro, 4124 Wilder Rd, Bay City; 989-778-1155, www.blossoms-asianbistro.com. Hours: Monday – Friday (11 a.m. – 9 p.m.), Saturday (12 – 9 p.m.), and Sunday (12 – 8 p.m.).