Author: Jeanne Henderson


Have you encountered any colorful mushrooms lately? After rainfall, mushrooms readily emerge and expand, just like a sponge....

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Great Egrets

An egret displays its 55-inch wingspan landing among bulrushes and cattailsPhoto by Audrey A. Diadiun In marshes around...

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Berries in all stages of ripening appear on serviceberry shrubs in June When people plant shrubs in their landscapes,...

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Bald Eagle

A bald eagle perches in a tall white pine while using its binocular vision to spot fish in the river below.   Do...

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Crab Spider

Camouflaged on a dandelion, the goldenrod crab spider waits to capture a passing insect What scuttles sideways and backward,...

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In deciduous woods, cinnamon ferns grow three feet tall in a circle and about four feet wide. Landscapers who design shady...

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What blends into its environment, lives in deep or shallow water, and is exciting to catch? If you guessed walleye, you’re...

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Snowy Owls

As people prepare for holiday visitors, those who love birds make time to search outside for visitors from the Arctic—snowy...

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Cecropia Moths

What insects can you possibly find outside in November? When most leaves have fallen, I suggest searching for cocoons!...

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