My No. 1 Rule

“Achievements in the nonprofit arena may have a different set of measurements than for-profit business, but one rule applies to all. We must serve …

“Pride. I create and design the print, electronic marketing, and advertising for Frankenmuth’s positive image of a fun, family-friendly destination. My rule of thumb is never to turn over work I am not proud of. This ideology can perpetuate long hours, creative frustration, [and] second and third drafts. It does, however, steer me to challenge myself, conquer new design techniques, learn new trends, and research proverbial tried-and-true, classic styles of design.”

Anita Stefanovsky

Creative Director Frankenmuth Chamber of Commerce

“Respect. One of the goals I have had throughout my career is to treat everyone with respect. Whether it is my co-workers, employees, or residents within our community, treating them with respect goes a long way toward fostering positive relationships and achieving a desired outcome. In my opinion, one of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say.”

Rob Grose

Township Manager
Saginaw Township

“The most important rule I believe a business can follow is to contact its local police department for advice concerning safety, reducing its susceptibility to being a victim of a crime. Most of the tips that a business will receive are commonsense concepts that get easily overlooked in both new and well-established businesses. I think it makes good business sense to engage your local police department and seek advice at preventing a bad situation before it occurs. The old adage ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ is very accurate and true.”

Paul C. Lauria

Captain, Mount Pleasant Police Department
Mount Pleasant

“Achievements in the nonprofit arena may have a different set of measurements than for-profit business, but one rule applies to all. We must serve with integrity. Integrity applies to every aspect of leading an organization. Employees, customers/clients, donors, and your community expect and deserve a consistent commitment to doing the right thing. The greatest leaders and companies of our time are those who continue to live out this rule.”

Heather Fisher

Executive Director Pregnancy Resource Center of Mid-Michigan


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