A Focus on the Patient

Postler-Slattery keeps care, comfort at the Center for MidMichigan Health Diane Postler-Slattery has seen the health care industry evolve over the…

Postler-Slattery keeps care, comfort at the Center for MidMichigan Health

Diane Postler-Slattery has seen the health care industry evolve over the years; however, as president and CEO of MidMichigan Health, she said one specific aspect will never change.

“The patient as the center of everything we do hasn’t changed,” Postler-Slattery explained. “The focus on providing an outstanding patient experience as they navigate through the system is something we continually try to make easier.”

Since 1984, MidMichigan Health has grown into a regional health system, including 11 subsidiaries providing a wide range of health care services to communities throughout Michigan. Postler-Slattery has been at the helm of the organization since January 2013.

“As a major employer in every community we serve, we want to continue to deliver outstanding health care services, and we want to improve health in all our communities,” she said. “In addition, we have five fundamental areas where we will continue to be in the top quartile in the nation on our outcomes. These are patient experience, quality and safety, financial sustainability, provider and employee engagement, and community involvement.”

Postler-Slattery recently exemplified the community involvement pillar when she served as the keynote speaker at the Great Lakes Bay Region Scouts BSA Breakfast in Midland. The event was marked to celebrate the inclusion of girls into the Boy Scouts of America, and Postler-Slattery used the opportunity to speak on the importance of diversity and inclusion.

“We live in a world that seems pretty divided in so many realms,” Postler-Slattery explained. “Making sure that we at MidMichigan Health take all factors into consideration is extremely important to overall delivery of care. Inclusion is one way to make sure voices are getting heard; needs assessments are another. We are committed to incorporating both in our strategic plans and in our operations.”

The people, the patients and the chance to make a difference have been motivating factors for Postler-Slattery from the very beginning.

“I think I always knew health care would be my career,” she said. “I was always bandaging something growing up and was passionate about helping others. I started my career as a registered nurse in a cardiac intensive care unit. My career path is a little unusual as I moved from registered nurse to director of a step-down unit, director of an emergency department, director of education, director of human resources, chief nursing officer, chief operating officer, president, and currently president and chief executive officer of MidMichigan Health.”

Throughout her years of service, Postler-Slattery has seen technology evolve, health care costs escalate and a shift to more outpatient services. Many health care organizations are now focusing on community wellness and, therefore, more initiatives with a broad scope such as the opioid crisis and mental health being reviewed more diligently. According to Postler-Slattery, throughout the changes that have come and the changes that are still yet to come, MidMichigan Health will maintain standards to set itself apart.

“Our patient experience scores are currently in the top quartile of the nation by use of the Professional Research Consultants (PRC) database,” Postler-Slattery said. “Patients choose us, and we constantly strive for excellence in everything we do. We are not perfect, and we take every opportunity to be better at what we do.”



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