Corteva Agriscience’s Focus Is Food Security Worldwide

The heart of agriculture is farmers and consumers. At least, that’s how Corteva Agriscience sees it. Corteva Agriscience “grows” progress by helpi…

The heart of agriculture is farmers and consumers. At least, that’s how Corteva Agriscience sees it.

Corteva Agriscience “grows” progress by helping reshape the agriculture industry to meet the needs of the 21st century. Believing that the future of farming depends on aligning the food value chain from beginning to end, the vision of Corteva Agriscience is to achieve a more financially secure, sustainable, innovative and responsive agricultural industry.

“By 2050, the earth’s population will reach almost 10 billion people, and their appetite for quality, nutritious food will grow even quicker,” James C. Collins, chief executive officer for Corteva Agriscience, wrote in an article titled Agriculture at the Crossroads. “Yet the amount of arable land will decline by almost 10 percent as the quality of soil degrades and the forces of urbanization push ever outward. A changing climate adds further stress.”

Bringing together DuPont Crop Protection, DuPont Pioneer and Dow AgroSciences, Corteva Agriscience separated from DowDuPont on June 1 to create a company focused on safely and sustainably feeding the world, according to Carie LaFond, North American operations and site communications, external affairs, for Corteva Agriscience.

“We are addressing this through our three platforms of crop protection: safely and effectively protecting crops; seeds: using our innovation pipeline; and digital farming: using technology to increase sustainable farming,” LaFond explained.


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Headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, Corteva Agriscience has two global business centers in Indianapolis and Iowa as well as crop protection facilities, seed manufacturing facilities, research labs and technology centers around the globe.

In the Great Lakes Bay region, Corteva Agriscience’s Midland facility is centered on the company’s crop protection platform along with a facility in the Harbor Beach area of the Thumb. Elsewhere in the state, Corteva Agriscience supports a seed manufacturing facility in Constantine as well as a research and development field station in Ithaca.

Collectively, the vast and far-flung arms of Corteva Agriscience are working in tandem with a singular mission to shape an industry that is better able to understand and react to global market demands. These demands need to effectively harness science, technology and innovation to optimize productivity; and with the know-how and resources to help chart its own long-term success in the face of challenge and change.

“For me, the most fulfilling aspect about working for Corteva Agriscience is the idea of being part of creating something new, bold and game-changing for the agriculture industry and our world,” LaFond said. “I also love that every day brings something new and exciting, which I get to work on alongside the ‘best of the best’ colleagues.”

According to LaFond, the future of Corteva Agriscience is clear: keep growing.

“It’s what we do,” LaFond explained. “We’re solving the world’s food problems through innovation, technology and putting people first.”


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