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New Alliances Give Farmers a Technological Advantage By Adam Lansdell   The future of farming depends on sunshine, rain, seeds and … advanc…

New Alliances Give Farmers a Technological Advantage

By Adam Lansdell


The future of farming depends on sunshine, rain, seeds and … advanced technology.

The Dow Chemical Company and DuPont joined forces as DowDuPont with the intention to one day break off into three unique entities. One result of their actions is the formation of Corteva AgriscienceTM, the only global, pure-play agriculture company which is already impacting the environment and will continue to Keep Growing for generations to come.

Merging their unique knowledge sets and proficiencies was intended to tackle unique areas including: seed technologies, crop protection and digital agriculture. Corteva Agriscience was created to support these areas, and more. Corteva Agriscience works across the global agriculture spectrum, investing in some of the most recognized and premium seed brands such as Pioneer, PANNAR and Brevant.

Corteva Agriscience brings together the strengths and knowledge of DuPont Pioneer, DuPont Crop Protection and Dow AgroSciences to better serve growers around the world with a superior portfolio of solutions (seeds, traits, crop chemicals, seed treatment, agronomy and digital services) ensuring greater choice and competitive price for value. The combined capabilities and highly productive innovation engine will enable the agriculture company to bring a broader suite of products to the market faster, so it can be an even better partner to growers, delivering innovation and helping them to increase their productivity and profitability.

The company grows by putting farmers and consumers at the heart of agriculture. In doing so, it is reshaping how the industry meets the needs of the 21st century. The company believes that the future of farming will be dependent on the ways the food value chain is measured from farmer to consumer. The company is adamant about harnessing the power of science and technology to optimize productivity, make resources more accessible and essentially work with growers to help chart their own long-term success stories.

Corteva Agriscience directly impacts farmers by providing them with technology-based tools, which many generational farmers never used. Corteva Agriscience is an expert and is driving the innovation of crop protection. These applications for everyday farmers are fueled by investments made before the company’s official spin on June 3, 2019.



Partnerships produce technology that helps farmers grow.

Founded in February 2014 and backed by leading venture capital investors such as Andreessen Horowitz and Google Ventures, the software company known as Granular designed the leading farm management solution—now called Granular—through collaboration with many of the largest, most progressive family farms in the country.

Granular Business joined forces with DuPont Pioneer, combining the strength of Granular’s business software with DuPont’s robust agronomy expertise and the Encirca agronomy software and advisory services. Granular Business is an independent subsidiary of Corteva Agriscience and is responsible for all software and analytics products.

Granular gathers and combines the experience and insight of farmers, the broad and deep knowledge of agronomists, data from scientists and industry partners and the rebellious, innovative business and technical acumen of the entrepreneurs and engineers who define Silicon Valley. Farmers are not only viewed as customers but as co-creators—collaborators in bringing new technologies to the farm so they can operate more profitably and sustainably and with increased transparency.

Granular Business delivers a complete, real-time view of a farm’s operations and financial performance, giving farmers insight they need to efficiently manage more acres and increase the profitability of every field. Granular improves a farmer’s ability to assess and manage the profitability of their farm through strategic measures. Through increased visibility and insight, a farmer is able to think and act one step ahead of the curve. This strengthens business and operational efficiency.

Together with Granular Business, Corteva Agriscience is the world’s leading supplier of agriculture software and data science and uses the latest solutions to equip farmers and their industry partners with the confidence and control they need to build stronger businesses and feed the world sustainably.



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