DuPont Delivers Science that Solves

Recognized first and foremost as a world-class science and engineering giant, it’s hard to look past the smaller processes and decisions that are b…

Recognized first and foremost as a world-class science and engineering giant, it’s hard to look past the smaller processes and decisions that are being made at DuPont to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges.

From nylon and Kevlar to Styrofoam and Filmtec, DuPont has worked with brands to reshape the ways we think about and use modern materials. DuPont’s dynamic portfolio includes products, materials and services that meet the ever-changing needs of diverse industries in more than 90 countries.

So, what drives DuPont? For starters, the opportunity to change the world through its innovative materials; yet there’s more to it than just being at the forefront of its competitors in terms of production. Its sustained rise in acclaim has developed a platform for the company to showcase itself as a leader in industry ethics, environmentally conscious production, health and safety research, and more – setting the tone for an expansive industry that’s burgeoning with competition. This display shows the world that you can be the best, without cutting corners.

For over 200 years, researchers at DuPont have worked to produce and perfect some of the biggest, most widely used and recognized products on the market. And while the results may be utilized around the world, the ideas start right in the Great Lakes Bay region at DuPont’s home within the Dow Michigan Operations Industrial Park.

Big ideas need large teams to become reality. From a statewide perspective, DuPont employs over 2,000 people within the regions of Midland, Auburn, Auburn Hills, Hemlock, Hillsdale and Troy. Twelve-hundred of those employees reside within its Midland-area facilities. As such, DuPont is recognized as one of the region’s largest employers and a beacon of economic impact.

While change and innovation are constant, one thing remains certain – DuPont is committed to proudly creating safety-first products and procedures right in the Great Lakes Bay region for years to come. DuPont has its sights set on proudly carrying the torch of progress forward on its quest to leave behind a legacy of impacts that altered lives and made the world better.


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