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By Christopher Nagy   Heather Selby, owner/designer of Lotus Design Consulting and Project Management LLC How did you find your passion for…

By Christopher Nagy


Heather Selby, owner/designer of Lotus Design Consulting and Project Management LLC

How did you find your passion for interior home design?

It has always been an interest of mine. And after working in health care for approximately 10 years, and getting burnt out, I began searching for something else. During this time, my husband and I began remodeling our kitchen DYI style … and he said I should do design. He said I had this niche for it. With that said, I started taking interior design classes online and applied to both Lowe’s and Home Depot in the kitchen department as a cabinet specialist. Much to my surprise, not only did I get an interview at Lowe’s, I actually got the job.


When did you start Lotus Design Consulting and Project Management?

I did kitchen cabinet design at Lowe’s for a couple years. Shortly after I started there, I fell in love with a position they had called the project specialist of interiors. This position works for Lowe’s with general contractors to design and manage extensive kitchen and bathroom remodels. After several attempts at attaining this position, I finally got it at the Lowe’s in Saginaw. Not only did I get it, I loved it and was very successful at it. Unfortunately, at the beginning of January 2019, Lowe’s announced that they were eliminating my position across the country. That very day, all three of my general contractors approached me about designing for them. At that point I knew the only way I could work with each of them was to start my own business. And once word got out that I was doing this on my own,

I had three other contractors reach out to me requesting to use my design services.


Is it just kitchen and baths or do you do any in-home designs?

I was limited to just kitchen and bathroom remodels at Lowe’s. Since I have left Lowe’s, I have branched out to all interior remodels, including but not limited to basements, custom shelving, living rooms, master suites, etc. I have also been asked to do a couple exterior designs.


What has been the most challenging or interesting job you’ve taken on?

The most challenging design I’ve done is when I have a super small space to work with. For instance, I did a design for a kitchen; this kitchen was so small, it was hard to even fit the appliances in the room. And when taking down walls is not really an option, you are forced to work with what you have. These designs are my favorite; you have to make it work both functionally and aesthetically. And when you do, it is super rewarding.


What is the best part about your job?

I love being welcomed into someone’s home. I love when someone trusts me to help them make their house a home. I love problem-solving the inevitable issues that arise when remodeling. But mostly I love making someone’s vision come to life. More often than not, it is hard for people to visualize what they want. That is where I come into play. They put so much trust in me to understand what they want and to make it happen. I have the privilege of watching all the steps of a remodel, and watching their vision come to life. It is so rewarding to see the result of everyone’s hard work.



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