Kelly Arnold Serves Her Community Through Role at Meadowbrook Insurance Agency

Growing up, Kelly Arnold knew she was destined to help serve people and have a positive impact on her community. As supervising account manager for…

Growing up, Kelly Arnold knew she was destined to help serve people and have a positive impact on her community. As supervising account manager for Meadowbrook Insurance Agency in Saginaw, she is achieving that goal.

“From a young age, my gravitational pull has directed me toward making a positive impact within our community,” Arnold said. “Upon entering my first career within the insurance industry, I knew I made the optimal career choice for my core values.”

As supervising account manager with more than 20 years of industry experience, Arnold oversees the account manager division of Meadowbrook Insurance Agency – one of Michigan’s largest full-service business, personal line, health and benefit agencies. That entails overall policy questions and leading the account manager team.

“The insurance industry reinforces my positive community impact through the eyes of my clients,” she explained. “Whether that’s offering insurance coverage data to enable better decision-making, helping to mitigate rising costs, providing coverage consultation or navigating through potential vulnerabilities, I have insights to help our clients manage risk.”

So who in her past inspired her to serve others?

“My mother is my ultimate superhero,” Arnold said. “I have been fortunate to see her hard work, passion and determination throughout the years. My mother worked two jobs to provide for our family. Her hard work truly is an inspiration, continually reminding me how the key to success is putting in the extra effort and working hard.

“Her strength empowers me every day,” she added “I am where I am today because of you – I love you, Mom!”

As Meadowbrook Insurance Agency’s supervising account manager, Arnold takes pride in helping co-workers achieve their goals, which ultimately enables the agency to better serve the community.

“My biggest achievement as a manager and a mentor is my continual investment to our multiagency workflow processes,” Arnold explained. “Each cohesive workflow develops agency-wide knowledge, efficiencies, productivity and morale.”

Arnold said the work she does is rewarding, but it is not completely free from challenges.

“As a mother of three amazing children, balancing work life and home life duties can be challenging,” Arnold noted. “But through passion, hard work, resilience and dedication, I believe I have achieved that balance.”

What advice does she have for women who are preparing to begin professional careers?

“It’s not always about who you know,” Arnold said. “Keep your emphasis on working hard. Be so good that you can’t be ignored!”


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