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Midland’s Map-N-Tour is a cloud-based application that uses interactive maps to tell a story. You can take a virtual 3D tour of a geographic area s…

After visiting the Bay City River of Time event several years ago with the troop, Kevin Henson’s Boy Scouts asked to return the following year to re-enact an event of their own. But what could they represent? It came to Henson in his sleep: the Mormon Battalion from the Army of the West, an 1846 military group that walked 2,100 miles from Iowa to California.

Henson and his wife, Denny, spent six months walking the trail as research. “It was incredible. It helped us understand and share the fascinating stories we heard from people along the trail,” explains Henson.

When the two were finished making the trek, Henson wanted to create a platform to share the experience. Map-N-Tour was created.

Midland’s Map-N-Tour is a cloud-based application that uses interactive maps to tell a story. You can take a virtual 3D tour of a geographic area such as Traverse City, or the entire state of Michigan. Click on a landmark icon and the satellite view zooms in, plus a multi-media bubble opens. Switch to street view and you’re right there—virtually. Tourism, economic development, and real estate are key markets for the entrepreneurs with their Map-N-Tour application.

The Hensons developed a proof of concept, which is documentation that the potential product could be successful on the market. Greg Boss, the company’s chief technology officer/chief information officer, guided the software architecture, and the business plan continues to evolve.

“We bootstrapped it to the point that there’s a viable product, and with affiliate opportunities in Canada, we see the global potential for this technology. So, now we’re looking for investors or funding,” says Henson.

Each tour is designed specifically for the client’s location and is accessible on web, mobile, and tablet platforms. With multiple clients in Michigan, the company also has clients in Nebraska, Alaska, Utah, Wisconsin, and Virginia.

“I am very excited about the Port Austin Outdoor Adventures tour, which highlights hiking trails, kayaking routes, and more,” Henson says. “Interesting opportunities keep coming our way.”

Whatever your view, it’s easy to see Map-N-Tour is a growing, viable, and interesting tool to look at a place before you visit, or to use as a marketing tactic to promote a place or business venture.

For more information on Map-N-Tour and to experience the technology, visit www.mapntour.com or phone 989-708-5932.


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