What To Know About Voting in November

Those interested in voting absentee in the general election must submit applications prior to Oct. 30.

COVID-19 has caused voters and voting officials to rethink election procedures for the November general election. The viability of maintaining recommended health and safety measures, including social distancing, has many concerned.

“Our top priority moving into November is ensuring Michiganders understand their rights and feel comfortable exercising them,” said Tracy Wimmer, spokesperson for the Michigan Department of State. “There are numerous ways to cast your ballot — absentee by mail, via drop box, in person at your clerk or at the polls on Election Day — and no matter how you choose to do it, voters can feel confident that our election will be on time, and it will be safe, accessible and secure.”

In response to an earlier request for comment, the secretary of state replied that Michigan law now allows residents to “apply to vote by mail via an absentee ballot without declaring a reason.” Those interested in voting absentee in the general election must submit applications prior to Oct. 30.

To download and/or submit an absentee ballot application or to locate your polling location, go to Michigan.gov/Vote.

Voters wishing to be added to the permanent absentee-voter list and have voting applications sent to them by mail for all upcoming elections should visit the “update voter information” page at the Michigan Voter Information Center website. Choosing that option does not mean voters cannot vote in person in the future.

Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Nov. 3 for in-person voting.


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