Sajdak Raises the Bar on Corporate Wellness

How being healthy and bettering ourselves became hallmarks of the Morley associate experience As Jennie Sajdak analyzed insurance claims involving…

How being healthy and bettering ourselves became hallmarks of the Morley associate experience

As Jennie Sajdak analyzed insurance claims involving Morley’s associates, it was clear a high percentage were not getting annual preventative health checkups or living healthy lifestyles.

Sajdak became inspired, making it her personal mission to promote wellness among her Morley family.

As Morley’s director of Payroll, Benefits & Corporate Wellness, Sajdak knows that detecting health issues early saves lives. Galvanized by Morley’s “associate first” philosophy and culture of caring, she created a company wellness program called MoFit. Its primary goals are to encourage annual physicals, to provide tools and incentives for improving physical fitness, and to help associates reduce their health care costs.

“The physical activity program began with a group of about 20 co-workers who decided to get together and exercise during our lunch hour,” Sajdak explained. “So every day we’d go to our warehouse, roll out a large piece of carpet and take turns leading exercise classes.”

That was in 2013, and participation began to snowball – especially a year later when Morley conducted its first biggest loser competition. Participants paired up with a co-worker and, through encouragement and accountability, competed for cash prizes based on overall weight loss percentage.

“It was a super successful initiative, and things continued to take off from there,” Sajdak said. “Now we have more than a third of Morley’s 2,800 associates enrolled in MoFit activities, which encompasses everything from 5K races, exercise classes and daily movement activities to weight-loss competitions, healthy lifestyle activities and a Walk Across America team summer challenge, where associates create teams to walk more than 3,000 miles between Memorial Day and Labor Day.”

MoFit started with a small in-house gym, and as Morley’s Saginaw campus grew, the company built a large fitness center that is open 24/7 and offers free fitness classes to its associates. Morley also offers free registration to 5K events in the Great Lakes Bay Region and Detroit area, as well as near the company’s South Carolina and California sites.

Sajdak said a personal experience recently drove home the need for preventative exams and health checks.

“Two years ago, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease,” she said. “Now it is more important than ever for me to be disciplined with my workouts, to slow down progression of the disease.”

She views her diagnosis as an opportunity to encourage others to be active, serving as an example of the importance of regular exercise and preventative checkups.

“I feel so fortunate that Morley has given me the opportunity to do what I love,” Sajdak said. “They have supported me and the program 100%.”

And Morley associates feel fortunate for Sajdak, too.

As one MoFit enthusiast posted on Morley’s intranet: “Let’s give Jennie some love for going above and beyond with all of us trying to lose weight … and everything regarding being healthy and bettering ourselves. Thank you, Jennie! You are appreciated more than you know.”

Morley is one of the Great Lakes Bay Region’s fastest-growing employers, with more than 2,800 talented associates in the areas of customer service, meeting and event planning, and museum/trade show exhibit design and fabrication – as well as in enterprise roles such as payroll and benefits, accounting, human resources, information technology, marketing and communications, facilities, and more. Morley is a business that is all about people serving people and is known for its complete dedication to superior customer service.



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