Community Supports Midland Center for the Arts

The Midland Center for the Arts and Heritage Park were not spared, suffering an estimated $8.9 million in damages.

On May 19, the spillway at the Edenville Dam collapsed.

Shortly after, the floodwaters breached the Sanford Dam downstream, which sent a wall of floodwater toward Midland. More than 2,500 homes and businesses were damaged or destroyed by the floods, with estimated losses of $175 million.

The Midland Center for the Arts and Heritage Park were not spared, suffering an estimated $8.9 million in damages.

“Immediately after the flooding events, we received an outpouring of support from our local community as well as from individuals and organizations from around the state of Michigan,” said Terri Trotter, president and CEO of the arts center. “We had over 250 local volunteers assist us over Memorial Day weekend to recover all of the artifacts and exhibits at the Doan History Center and Heritage Park, and more than 40 museum professionals came to Midland to lead teams of volunteers for proper care of these items and delicate historical artifacts.

“We are so thankful to have received an outpouring of support from our community,” Trotter continued. “The stories, memories and history that we preserve are incredibly important for the residents of Midland County and beyond. Our history reminds us who we are and from where we came — it connects us to our community.”

One of the many businesses that stepped up to assist financially was Tri-Star Trust, which provided $5,000 for the renovation/repairs.

“We’ve supported the MCFTA for many years, and providing additional support in a time of need is the right thing to do,” said Kevin Scorsone, vice president and market director at Tri-Star Trust.

Such continuing community support is helping speed the recovery throughout the region.


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