The Power of Enthusiasm in the Great Lakes Bay Region

By Dan Handley Positive Action and Possibilities What do we hear ourselves say about the Great Lakes Bay Region, our business, our challenges, ou…

By Dan Handley

Positive Action and Possibilities

What do we hear ourselves say about the Great Lakes Bay Region, our business, our challenges, our opportunities, our neighbors?

I was recently reviewing some comments by Dale Carnegie, the founder of our global 90-country network of training facilities with over 100 years of serving. He recognized that an enthusiastic attitude is fundamental to success, happiness and our own growth especially as a leader.

“Today is life, make the most of today. Let the winds of enthusiasm sweep through you,” he wrote.

He saw that neither money nor fame ensured happiness. Instead he found that “happiness depends primarily (in addition to good health) on one thing only: your thoughts. If we can do that, we will be on the high road to solving all our challenges.”

I have seen this in action for years in the Great Lakes Bay Region as I have witnessed the power of teams of committed people making enthusiastic, well-thought-out recommendations to improve the region and then taking action to make it happen. The best teams and leaders in the region have always focused on positive action and possibilities – not just identifying problems.

An enthusiastic attitude is fundamental to our success in reaching our potential. It guides us to positive thoughts and actions. It creates positive energy that improves our view of our possibilities, relationships with others, our willingness to be open to new ideas and even our health. The reverse also is true. Carnegie wrote that “our fatigue is often caused not by work, but by worry, frustration and resentment.”

Enthusiasm for life initiates within us the power to change and help others deal with change. Carnegie consistently encouraged us to focus on the present to nourish that power, execute well and get the right things done.

We can influence future outcomes in the Great Lakes Bay Region with a persistent, positive, enthusiastic approach to the opportunities and challenges of the present. In time, confidence and optimism help create a thriving region. Let’s get into action.

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