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By Alicia Frank   Creating Better Lives for All There are four United Way offices throughout the Great Lakes Bay Region. Each office focuse…

By Alicia Frank


Creating Better Lives for All

There are four United Way offices throughout the Great Lakes Bay Region. Each office focuses, identifies and works to resolve community issues as a way to make measurable changes within the communities in which they are located . The Great Lakes Bay Region United Way offices include Saginaw, Midland, Bay City, and Gratiot and Isabella counties. By working with local nonprofits, each office is able to directly address the causes of critical issues that revolve around health, education and financial stability.

“United Way exists to unite people and resources together to create better lives for all,” explained Tracy Aldrich, interim president and CEO of United Way of Saginaw.

Each community has a unique set of needs, but each office continues to work toward the general mission of improving the lives of the residents in their communities. The United Way offices work through partnerships with schools, government agencies, businesses, organized labor, financial institutions, community development corporations, volunteer groups and others. Each office works together on regional events, share best practices and assure that the distribution of donor funds is being used efficiently and effectively. Each office also works with local organizations to recognize the problems in communities and works to provide funding for important solutions.

“United Ways across the region bring our communities together to improve lives. We amplify individual passion to take on our toughest challenges together,” said United Way of Midland Executive Director Holly Miller.

Each office concentrates on fundraising efforts and community collaboration. From events to programs within the community, the United Way offices in the Great Lakes Bay Region offer a plethora of community-centered outreach and involvement. The Saginaw office has set a bold goal to help move approximately 6,000 Saginaw County residents out of poverty.

The Midland office collaborates regionally on a weekly radio segment on Delta College Quality Public Radio called “Volunteer Voice,” which shares information about getting involved with local nonprofits in the Great Lakes Bay Region. The Gratiot and Isabella office is working with Break the Cycle of Generational Poverty through educational programs that give children the skills to succeed and help adults achieve long-term financial stability to support themselves and their families. The Bay City office continues to concentrate on volunteering to ensure resources and funding are available for the nonprofits and agencies in town.

The United Way offices of the Great Lakes Bay Region also offer RSVP (Retired, Senior, Volunteer Program) for retirees interested in volunteering to utilize their life skills to give back and have a networking group. To help reach as many in the communities as possible, each office offers a variety of different volunteer opportunities that can be found by stopping in or calling your local office.


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