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Tired of Being Pigeonholed?

Bold and audacious career advice to live your dream job By Beth Bryce   Golfers have their strengths. Some are known for their towering dri…

Bold and audacious career advice to live your dream job

By Beth Bryce


Golfers have their strengths. Some are known for their towering drives, others for their short game and some make a living on precision putts. Some could look at that as golfers being pigeonholed to a specific element of the game.

That shouldn’t be an issue when the Great Lakes Bay Invitational tournament takes place July 15-20 at Midland Country Club. That’s because 72 two-golfer teams of the most talented female golfers can combine their individual strengths in the first-ever LPGA team event that counts for official money and official points. They will golf in an alternate-shot format on July 17 and 19 and follow a best-ball format on July 18 and 20.

Fans can observe the play on the world-class golf course beginning on July 15 during the practice rounds. Don’t pass up this opportunity to see the best women golfers in the world.

Feeling pigeonholed is not limited to the golf course.


Feeling frustrated and defeated from being passed over repeatedly for promotion and pigeonholed in your workplace?

Pigeonholed means you’re stuck. You’ve been branded as someone who is skilled in only certain areas and not considered for any other type of work, including a coveted leadership role.  Not only does this suck the mojo out of your soul, but it prevents you from stepping into your highest potential.

“We believe what we want to believe, and once we believe something, it becomes a self-fulfilling truth.” Seth Godin

My friend, it’s time to stop acting like a pigeon, pecking around for scraps, and start soaring like an eagle. Hold on. Before you make a hasty decision to quit, especially in a tight job market, take a deep breath, stop pointing fingers and resuscitate your reputation as a highly valued employee.

What can you do?


  1. Avoid complaining at all costs. Put your game face on, people are watching your behavior and attitude.
  2. Manage your boss: Be on good terms. Open up a proactive, honest conversation about why you are parked, express your desire to contribute more and brainstorm on what you can do to advance.
  3. Increase your visibility: Show initiative, actively look for ways to improve your company. Volunteer to work on teams and take on new responsibilities to prove you can successfully do other things.
  4. Acquire new skills: Get additional training, understand what skills you lack and attend workshops and seminars, obtain a certification or an advanced degree.
  5. Find a sponsor: Find a respected person higher up in your organization to serve as your mentor and champion to vouch for you and open doors.
  6. Self-Promote: Document your past successes and practice self-promotion so your boss, mentors, and network know about your stellar accomplishments.
  7. Network: Find your tribe outside of your company at professional and community organizations. Successful people want to help you.

If you aren’t making forward progress then it may be time to look for a new employer that will help you achieve your career and personal goals. You’ll know when it’s time to give yourself permission to soar like an eagle right out the front door. After all, there’s a reason why pigeons are perched by park benches. You are certainly no pigeon.

And, keeping in mind that pigeons are birds, be sure to watch the LPGA teams search for birdies and eagles as they take part in the innovative LPGA Dow Great Lakes Bay Invitational.



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