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Trinseo: Creating Products That Touch Lives Daily

Trinseo materials are in products you use every day, and you probably don’t even know it. Trinseo delivers material solutions that help their custo…

Trinseo materials are in products you use every day, and you probably don’t even know it. Trinseo delivers material solutions that help their customers create products that are intrinsic to how we live our lives.

As a global manufacturer of plastics, latex binders and synthetic rubber, Trinseo is focused on delivering innovative and sustainable solutions that touch lives every day.

Those solutions reach a wide range of end markets that include automotive, consumer electronics, paper and board, building and construction and tires. “We are passionately dedicated to helping our customers meet their most complex materials challenges– whether they are creating electronics that are thinner and lighter or cars that weigh less and use less fuel,”said Jeff Denton, senior vice president of corporate development and business services for Trineso.

“Our polymers enable automakers to produce vehicles that are lighter weight and more fuel efficient, and medical devices that are impervious to the harsh chemical cleansers used in sterilization,” he added. “Our latex binders enable manufacturers to deliver tailored solutions that enhance packaging materials and help highway infrastructure last longer. And our synthetic rubber allows tire manufacturers to make high-performance tires with low rolling resistance and improved wet grip for greater fuel efficiency.”

The company has gone through significant changes in the past nine years to get where it is today – and that evolution remains ongoing. Trinseo is currently engaged in its next phase of maturity as a company as it envelops many of the services that The Dow Chemical Co. previously provided when Trinseo was divested, including purchasing, accounts payable, logistics, information technology and others.

“As you can imagine, that is a big undertaking,” Denton said. “Not only have we put in a significant amount of work to plan the program structure and independent project plans to ensure smooth transitions, but we have also welcomed and integrated many new employees into the company as we prepare to manage these activities directly.” It’s an exciting yet demanding phase full of changes with much more to come, said leadership officials.

“The future is bright at Trinseo, but we couldn’t accomplish any of it without our passionate and creative people who have the attitude to deliver on that bright future,” Denton said. “Our employees have rallied together through the ups and downs, always seeking to deliver against the needs of our customers, shareholders and communities.” Understanding what drives the consumer and giving back to the community are intrinsic values for this organization. They’re not looking for recognition from the everyday consumer, but it’s nice to know Trinseo is providing solutions to make our products better.


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