The Weirdest Advice That Actually Worked

GLBR execs share unconventional words of wisdom that they’ve found helpful throughout their careers. “Here is a piece of advice that has served me …

GLBR execs share unconventional words of wisdom that they’ve found helpful throughout their careers.

“Here is a piece of advice that has served me well: Sometimes you will be more effective if you leave the office than if you stay.”

Salma Ghanem

Professor and Dean, College of Communication and Fine Arts, Central Michigan University
Mount Pleasant

“Stick with the game plan. Right at Home was founded as a home care company. It uses a franchise business model to grow its services across the country. While researching the opportunity, I spoke with many owners. The one piece of advice I got was “stick to the plan.” They were right! As a franchisee, you are paying for knowledge and expertise. So, don’t go thinking you have to invent a new way to execute on the plan.”

Jim Gall

Certified Senior Advisor/Owner, Right at Home – Northern Michigan

“My favorite expression was a cruder version of “slow and steady wins the race.” I had been knocking myself out at a car dealership to beat the old guys at the number of vehicles sold for the month, when the boss called me aside and gave me his version. Fact was, I was pumping units “over the curb,” but not doing the slow and steady follow-up to make sure my new customers were happy…. All those sales would, for the most part, be the only time I’d ever do business with those folks, because they weren’t being impressed with the necessary service after the sale, which is so important to building a clientele that returns and refers…. A very good lesson, indeed, and one that has served me well in every business since.”

Johnny Burke

Morning Host, 96WHNN

“My mentor in the ’80s told me that if I wanted to advance I had better get proficient at computers. When I first heard that computers would be something that would be in every home and [would] have to be learned to keep a job, it was something that for me came right out of the movies. Today, being proficient in technology use is a must if you want to have any kind of competitive edge.”

Vickie Schmitzer

CEO, Frankenmuth Credit Union

“You can’t sell it out of the back room!” said my manager at Sagebrush in Bay City while [I was] working during high school. I knew he just wanted the 32×34 big-belled corduroys on the floor, but I use it as a mantra to this day. There’s nothing wrong with letting people know what you do and how you can help. Now, when he said, “take out the garbage,” I never really got much from that one.”

Jeff Yantz

Financial Advisor, Edward Jones of Bay City
Bay City


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