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Who is that Self-confident Woman with Swagger?

We, as professional women, are expected to express self-confidence in business, which is not always an easy feat for many of us. That’s because bui…

If you want to be respected, practice the behaviors that produce outcomes.

We, as professional women, are expected to express self-confidence in business, which is not always an easy feat for many of us. That’s because building self-esteem is a lifelong journey.

Today, blogs, articles, and training also suggest we need to have more “swagger”—you know, like men do. This is especially encouraged if we want to be listened to and respected by both genders at work. 

Are being confident and having swagger one and the same? Or does swagger for women elicit that dreaded “B” word instead? With so many mixed messages, it’s hard, at times, to walk that line.

Webster defines self-confidence as “confidence in oneself and one’s power and abilities.” It defines swagger as “to walk in a very confident way.” As I read those definitions and think about career success, I say that as business women we need both. Those qualities, demonstrated well, can evoke positive feelings about a man or a woman.

As we strive to be that self-confident woman with swagger, here’s a description of who she is (and who we should be).


  • Is comfortable with saying “no” when necessary and with not being perfect at everything.   
  • Focuses on leveraging her strengths, and people respect and respond to her because of it.
  • Does not apologize for who she is and how she operates. As a result, she exudes an attitude that says to the world, “I am amazing, and I know my worth.”
  • Would not walk into a meeting late, looking exasperated, and say, “I’m sorry.” Instead, she swaggers in and continues on.
  • Knows courage will always come before confidence and has a “just do it” mentality every day.
  • Takes risks, both big and small, and makes tough calls with coworkers and clients.
  • Leverages the proven power of self-talk and a confident walk, knowing that one begets the other. Every day her self-talk is positive and emphasizes what she can control instead of fearing failure.
  • Speaks with an “abundance mentality” as she works with and competes with others in business. Her body language and behaviors project swagger.

I heard a quote about self-confidence and swagger that sums it all up: “Our body changes our mind, our mind changes our behavior, and our behavior produces our outcomes.” Build on your self-confidence and swagger, and create the kind of personal and business outcomes you deserve!


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