Craft Idea: Yarn Pumpkins

A festive fall craft to do with the kids.

For this festive fall craft, you’ll need yarn, scissors, Elmer’s or Tacky glue, water, balloons, pipe cleaners and a bowl.

Cover your work surface and blow up a balloon to the desired size. In the bowl, mix three parts glue with one part water so the glue is workable but not too runny.

Cut a long piece of yarn and place it in the water/glue mixture. When it is fully saturated, begin wrapping the yarn around the balloon, squeezing out the excess glue as you go. Yes, this is the fun part.

To finish, tuck the end of yarn under another piece of the yarn. Repeat with another piece of yarn if desired.

Let dry overnight by hanging the balloon or placing it over a cup or bowl, being careful of drips. When dry, try to separate the yarn from the balloon, pop the balloon and remove it. Add a pipe cleaner to the top for the stem.


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